PS3 version arrives in Europe!


We are glad to share good news – Treasures of Montezuma: Arena on PS3 is released in Europe!

Download this match-3 puzzler here.


Coming to PlayStation Store today as a downloadable free-to-play title featuring three game modes, Treasures of Montezuma: Arena offers good, honest, turn-based match-three puzzle gameplay – and more!





Update for Europe and America is coming out today!

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest update for TOM Arena, which introduces several exciting features. First of all, you can now play on PS Vita and the upcoming PS3 version using one account. Start playing on PS Vita now, and then continue the adventure on your PS3 when we release that version of the game.

Next, by popular demand, bonuses are now much cheaper, so you can purchase more of your favorites and use them to rack up incredible victories!

Finally, those of you who completed the game can now advance to character level 150! Of course, raising the level cap wouldn’t be challenging without the chance to defeat a slew of powerful new enemies, who are tougher than ever before!

So, grab the update and enjoy the challenge of the Dark Totem! Also, post your comments below and let us know about your experiences playing the new verison of TOM Arena! The first 10 users to post a comment will receive promo codes for bonus crystals.




Treasures of Montezuma: Arena released in Europe

Treasures of Montezuma: Arena is now available for download in the European PlayStation Network Store – for free!

Download it, play it, enjoy it!


Treasures of Montezuma: Arena just around the corner

Good news everyone!

We are pleased to let you know that Treasures of Montezuma Arena, our latest and greatest Treasures of Montezuma game, is finally coming to PlayStation Vita as a downloadable free-to-play title, and we sure hope you have been anticipating it as much as we did.

Featuring three all-new game modes, including dynamic turn-based puzzle RPG Story, multiplaying Tournament, and classic match-three Endless mode, Treasures of Montezuma Arena encompasses the best there was in the history of the game, and moreover, goes beyond that by introducing more tactical options than ever, thus becoming the largest addition to the series both in terms of sheer size and impact.

We’ve been making rounds through the final stages of testing to ensure you all get the best experience possible and will be out really soon. Keep your heads up for the release date!